An answer to the prayers of thousands of football fans all over Indonesia, IBET44’s Sportsbook provides a comprehensive showing of thousands of live sports events to bet on

All over the world, millions of bets are placed everyday covering a multitude of events and happenings. The general fact is that people love wagering against the probability of an event going a certain way. From ages past, human have indulged in the wager, hoping that either their keen intellect and analytic skill or their sheer instinct and gut feeling will prove correct. 

Nowadays, betting is a multi-billion-dollar industry with annual revenues rivalling the GDP figures of many whole nations. Usually, the bulk of betting done worldwide revolve around sports games and events; with football taking a huge slice of that pie. Football (or soccer as it is called in many markets) is by far the most popular sport in the world. As a sport, it has the most participation worldwide (demonstrated by the membership of more than 150 countries in FIFA, its governing body). Money wise, football generates the highest revenues of any sport – with big clubs bringing in hundreds of millions of dollars in annual income. The game has become a global behemoth that has enriched many countries and individuals alike. 

The allure of being a part of the sporting action of football is the main draw for bettors. Fans of the game want to be more than just spectators. They see a bet as a way to test their knowledge of the sport, or just prove the intensity of their loyalty to their clubs. These, alongside a multitude of other reasons have meant that there is a steady increase in the number of bets made on football matches, perhaps more than any other sport.

Football bets accounted for more than $50 billion in wagers last year alone. The bulk of the figures revolve around bets placed on live games. These brought in the most revenue. Due to an unprecedented increase in the reach of the sport as well as its appeal to new worldwide demographics, football betting has now exploded to become a worldwide phenomenon.

One of those relatively new worldwide demographics is Indonesia. The South-East Asian island country and its 200 million people is amongst the newest countries in which football has gained a strong foothold and fan following. Indonesian football itself has seen unprecedented growth over the last couple of years and so the local leagues, coupled with international football following (eg Champions League, La Liga, English Premier League, etc), have made football an integral part of the sports culture in Indonesia as a whole. The country is now a part of FIFA’s group of member countries and is pouring huge amounts in investments into their football in order to improve its quality and increase its reach.

With all this having been said, it perhaps serves as the perfect precursor introduction to IBET44’s sportsbook. In an era where almost every transaction and activity has gone digital, Sportsbook has been introduced as a product aimed at fans of sports betting all over Indonesia. The platform gives users a comprehensive overview of all the sports games that can be bet on, allowing users to place their bets in real time and move from there. Sportsbook is a comprehensive, all-in-one solution for bettors that gives them  all of the required information to make the best possible bets. It melds seamlessly with the main online betting platform allowing users to access the entirety of the company’s product portfolio. 

Sportsbook gives users access to bet on thousands of games daily, with support for popular sports such as football (soccer), basketball, tennis, and hockey. It gives users comprehensive information surrounding each event including stats, bet amounts, and odds around each and every outcome. The betting process is instantaneous with immediate deposits and instantaneous withdrawals of winnings from the platform. Sportsbook is an all-in one solution allowing users to access all of their bets and bet slips at once.

The platform is especially useful for those betting on football games. Because football is a stat-heavy sport, users can get all of the information they need analysed and presented in a clean, concise manner that is easily understandable. It makes the experience of betting less anxiety inducing, allowing users the confidence to go all out on their expectations towards a particular game. The benefits extend to the winnings as well, as the platform awards generous bonuses occasionally to users as gratitude for their loyalty to the platform. These bonuses form part of the payout and can be withdrawn with their regular winnings. Suffice to say that win or lose, Sportsbook gives users a betting experience that itself can only be rivalled by a few other platforms.

As part of their product, IBET44ID also offers other activities to bet on including their live casino and online casino games. The online casino features games such as blackjack, roulettes, slots, poker, and other casino staples for users that are into these games and have experience playing them. Users can place bets on themselves and play on the platform against either the house or other players for a chance to win big. The live casino is pretty much the same, only it has more realistic elements to it. The platform hosts thousands of these games at a time with millions of users all over the world placing simultaneous bets and playing concurrently. This further highlights the emphasis that the platform places on community. Drawing a customer base of users all over Indonesia and outside of the country, it has a robust repertoire of people from different countries and backgrounds.

To cap it all, Sportsbook is the way too go if you really care about betting football. Sure, there are a host of other options out there, but, for the Indonesian market, there are few betting sites that are as feature-focused towards the Indonesian market as IBET44’s Sportsbook.

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