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Your new favorite club tool

Everybody knows that being in charge of a sports club takes commitment and you have to be passionate about the local town. But it comes with long hours and stress, which many chairmen, cashiers and youth coordinators might know a thing or to about.

SportMember offers a software with all possible solutions to fix the daily trouble of making life easier for the guys in charge of a sport club - no matter the sport or association. With this free product you get a fully integrated app, that connects coaches, players, parents and club admins in one big platform for every need, whether you're drowning in troublesome team communication, in charge of collecting membership fees or doing dirty team jersey laundry.

The coach creates a practice or a match in the calendar, and the system takes care of the rest. With automatical push notifications the team gets notified about upcoming activities, of which they can choose to either participate or not - the coach always knows how many players are signed up for the venue. 

Furthermore all data is collected in a detailed member list containing all necessary information about the players, which makes it easy to send out grouped mails or text messages to whom you want - all players at once, parents or whatever is needed.

Since all data is connected, taking care of member fee subsciptions isn't the living nightmare you're used too. All you have to do is set up the dates and amounts, and it's up to SportMember to automatically send out payment requests through mail for the cost of only £0,35 + 1% of the amount for every payment. That is all SportMember costs.

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