Motion A - Rødovre

9. feb. 2024, kl. 20.00
Motion A - Rødovre
20:00 - 22:00 fredag 9. feb
Motion A vs. Rødovre

They say "revenge is a dish best served cold," but not this time; we decided to serve it piping hot.

It's Friday night lights at the Falcons rink. The U14 team celebrated an amazing win over the young Rødovre players, and Motion A is eager to follow suit against Rødovre.

Rødovre brings some strong players, setting the stage for what promises to be a tough game. In the locker room, Tom, our captain for the game, shares some notes on how we should play and key takeaways from Sunday's match. After an inspiring huddle at Elliot's goal, we're ready to hit the ice.

First Period

The game kicks off at a high pace, with the Falcons having a few good chances against Rødovre's netminder.

There's a dangerous moment at our end as four of our players are pushed to our net, resulting in a stick fight in the crease to prevent an empty-net goal.

Rødovre opens the scoring: A Rødovre player picks up a flying puck, attempts a shot, misses, Elliot tries to clear the puck from the crease, but the unattended #94 picks it up and scores into the net. Rødovre girlfriends cheer in the crowd. Score: 0:1

Elliot pulls off two amazing saves: a pad save from a backhand shot and another from the high slot.


Killian feeds a pass to Bryn, whose shot rings off the pipe. Killian goes for the rebound but finds himself in the net instead.

At the end of the period, we agree on the bench that we're giving them too many chances to shoot from the slot.

Second Period

Falcons goal: Right after a won face-off, our first line rushes to the net. Martin shoots, the goalie gets a stick on it, there's a scrum in front of the net, and Janek picks up the loose puck and scores.  1:1

Falcons goal: Off a left face-off, Tom wins the puck, and Janek snipes it into the top right corner from the circle. Goal of the night. Score: 2:1

Falcons goal: Brian steals from the defense at their blue line, rushes the net, dekes the goalie, and scores on the backhand. Score: 3:1

It's our period, with a strong effort from the team on the forecheck and backcheck.

Third Period

Rødovre goal: A pass from behind our net, and #97 scores from the high slot. Score: 3:2

Not one but two scoring chances at their goal. Martin shoots, pad save; Tom shoots, and their goalie pulls off good saves.

Tom sets up Bryn in the slot, but the Rødovre goalie makes the save.

Rødovre goes all-in, spending time circling in our zone. Our 3rd line keeps them scoreless. Killian makes a painful block on a shot from the blue line and manages to change with Martin. A bad line change sees us with 8 players on the ice with one minute left on the clock. Brian sits this one out.

The penalty kill line is ready. Martin attempts a shot, but the goalie saves it. The game returns to our end, and Rødovre positions to play out their power play. A pass from the blue line to their captain at the empty post, Elliot makes a spectacular split save, and the puck goes up into the glass. We make a last rush at their goal in the final seconds.

A win at home with solid work from the whole team. Elliot makes some amazing saves, and the defense clears all the pucks from the slot.


1. Janek - A: Martin K

2. Janek - A: Tom

3. Brian - unassisted   

We're now 5-1 this season, with the next game against the Armadillos.

This report was brought to you with the help of an AI-powered camera and the Motion C boys in the box.

1. periode
D men from the slot
2. periode
Janek Saunders
Janek Saunders
Tom Russell
Anders Boserup
3. periode
#97 from the slot
2 minutters udvisning

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