Wolves - UA

16. sep. 2023, kl. 12.00
Wolves - UA
12:00 - 15:30 lørdag 16. sep
Finals part 1/3

Guys, we had a great game today. Our defense was good, Despite the amount of pitches, Michele dominated UA until the 6th. inning - wonderful work.
We also had great plays, (just as we trained), and a couple good catches in the in-/outfield. 

We should be proud and even more eager to play them again, because we know we can win against them. And that’s what we’ll do on Saturday. 💪🏽

We could have done more damage with a couple more hits (less k’s) and perhaps being more aggressive on the bases or even bunting. Anyways, unfortunately the relieve pitching couldn’t find the zone,  and that’s just bad look, ‘cause we all know what they can.

Therefore, be ready again for Saturday, cause we’ll need you all, to win both games.

Take a look at the scorekeeping attached as photos below.


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