15. jun. 2024 - 16. jun. 2024
15. jun. 2024 - 16. jun. 2024
16. jun. 2024
GAME Streetmekka København
Enghavevej 82D
2450 København SV
Full Camp Pass - 900,00 kr.
Day Pass Saturday - 500,00 kr.
Day Pass Sunday - 500,00 kr.
PaaTee Afro Roots workshop - 300,00 kr.
Oulouy Afro Fusion workshop - 300,00 kr.
Deewin Ndombolo workshop - 300,00 kr.
E-Flex Azonto workshop - 300,00 kr.

Afro Unity is a dance camp where we welcome all cultures to explore, inspire and learn from each other. The camp will give you the opportunity to meet new people and teachers from all across Africa. We want to build a community where you can be yourself and take your dance to the next level. You’ll get the opportunity to deepen your knowledge and appreciation of traditional and modern African dancestyles.

Get to learn the rhythms, techniques, movements of the different styles and get a deeper understanding of the cultural significance and history behind.

SATURDAY June 15th
11.30-13.00 PaaTee [GH] Afro Roots workshop @paa_tee_dance
13.30-15.00 Oulouy [IC] Afro Fusion workshop @enfantdesbois

SUNDAY June 16th 
11.30-13.00 Deewin [IC/CAR] Ndombolo workshop @deewin__
13.30-15.00 E-Flex [GH] Azonto workshop @eflexgh 

Please note that no payment refunds can be made. 

Afro Unity 2024 is organized by Akwaaba Dance Camp & World Dance Academy 


World Dance Academy is Denmark’s leading dance school for authentic dance styles and a platform for classes, workshops, camps, talks, events and battles in Copenhagen. We strive to create inclusive, positive and multicultural communities through dance, where diversity, inclusivity and cultural understanding are in the line of sight. 

 Website » www.worlddance.academy 

 Instagram » @worlddance.academy 

 Facebook » World Dance Academy


Akwaaba Dance Camp is an organization base in Ghana and Sweden. Our work is to create an environment and a platform for all African dancer base in Africa. We want to bring the rest of the world to the roots where its all started. We also wants to show how important our culture means to our community/people.

Website » www.akdcgh.com

Instagram » @akwaabadancecamp

Facebook » Akwaaba Dance Camp