27. jun. 2022 - 1. jul. 2022
27. jun. 2022 - 1. jul. 2022
13. jun. 2022
Østre Skøjtehal
Svendborggade 34-36
2100 København Ø
Sommercamp - 3.400,00 kr.
Goalie - 0,00 kr.

Årets sommercamp i KSF med svenske F.E. hockey for spillere født 2013-2005. 

 2 daglige ispas 2 daglige off-ice pas (et teknik samt et hvor I bliver udfordret på nye måder). 

Fuld forplejning med sund og nærende mad. 

Camp t-shirt

For målmænd er der også daglig målmandstræning med Theis Møller.

Detaljeret beskrivelse af camp:

This 5-day camp is specifically designed for improvements in speed, explosiveness, balance, body control, power, and technical skills. While breaking down some essential forwards and backwards skating techniques, players will also have a chance to compete and use these techniques in game like situations. Each ice session will start with 20-30 minutes of power skating, biomechanics, stickhandling technique, and dynamic edge work. Players will develop an understanding of how to efficiently carry their speed, generate power, and enhance their multidirectional movement. Stickhandling and moves will be implemented with all of the power skating techniques for a better practice to game transfer of skill. Day 1: -Forward stride fundamentals; body position, stride angle, recovery angles, loading, extension, plantar/dorsi flexion. -Parachute resistance training. -On rush pass receptions at full stride, -Straight line moves. -Small area game play.

Day 2: -First step acceleration techniques; Cross-over starts, V-starts, glide accelerations. -Acceleration resistance straps. -Multidirectional moves and attacks. -Explosive direction changes using, starts, stops, punch turns, tight turns. -Small area game play.

Day 3: -Forward Cross-overs, Linear Cross-overs. -Parachute resistance training with cross-overs. -On rush passing to attacking. -Small area stick handling and awareness work. -Small area game play.

Day 4: -Backwards skating fundamentals. -Backwards skating resistance straps. -Transitions, reverse pivots, transitioning off both edges on single leg. -Backwards acceleration. -Transitional attacks. -1 on 1's.

Day 5: -Overspeed day. -Overspeed bungee cords for acceleration, direction changes, first step speed. -Fast twitch reaction drills. -Reaction training with reaction straps. -learning to keep body weight on the acceleration points of the blade (ball of the foot). -End to end rushes, understanding how to read the play in front of you, open ice rushes and moves.