26. aug. 2021 - 29. aug. 2021
Tilmelding lukker senest 25. aug. 2021, kl. 20.00
26. aug. 2021 - 29. aug. 2021
25. aug. 2021
Copenhagen, Fælledparken in case of good weather, indoor location to be confirmed in case of bad weather
1 djembe class - 150,00 kr.
1 dance class incl live drums - 250,00 kr.
1 day pass dance - 400,00 kr.
full pass djembe - 450,00 kr.
full pass dance w/ either fanta or alky - 900,00 kr.
full pass both dance teachers - 1.100,00 kr.
full pass all dance + djembe - 1.400,00 kr.

A unique opportunity for everyone - both beginners and advanced dancers and djembe players alike - to learn and indulge into the fantastic universe of West African rhythms with amazing teachers directly from the source! You will become part of a special dance and drum family that is only growing – and Saturday evening we are preparing a WILD event on top of all the workshops. A summer camp not to be missed out, whether you are coming from near or far – so cancel any other plans you might have and sign up!