8. jun. 2021 - 22. jun. 2021
Tilmelding lukker senest 22. jun. 2021, kl. 18.45
8. jun. 2021 - 22. jun. 2021
22. jun. 2021
Korsgadehallen, Dansesalen
Korsgade 29
2200 KĂžbenhavn N
8. juni - 100,00 kr.
All three classes - 200,00 kr.
15. juni - 100,00 kr.
22. juni - 100,00 kr.

Introduction to Dancehall - Step by Step
You want to start dancing dancehall but feel a little scared entering a class where People have been dancing for years?
You want some of the elementary moves in a slow slow tempo, so you get them right?
You want to understand the basic and different styles of dancehalldancing, before choosen the class that fit you?
Post-Lockdown is definetly the Best time to try something New!
Amalie Zaar has been working with hundred and hundred of students, from complete beginners to professionel dancers, been working with dancehall for 15 years and teaching for more than 20 years. She is ready to guide you safely through a 3 weeks Introduction Course going back to Basic, making you understand the moves and introduce you to the Culture where it All origins.

Where and When: Tuesdays from 7pm-8pm at Korsgadehallen, Copenhagen N.
Dates: 8., 15. and 22.6 2021 Price:
Full Course:200kr 1 Class:100kr